Top-Down Shooter Police Stories Coming To Nintendo Switch

Police Stories Logo

HypeTrain Digital and Mighty Morgan have announced that top-down shooter Police Stories will release on Nintendo Switch.

This game has taken inspiration from SWAT 4 and has looked to recreate the tension of working as a real-life police officer.

Resorting to violence isn’t the only solution, and, on the beat, you will need to determine when to show mercy and when there is no peaceful way to resolve a conflict.

The placement and behavior of suspects and hostages will change with every run, requiring that players make split-second decisions to succeed.

That will see you put different equipment to use to ensure that hostages aren’t harmed, rather than charging in with guns blazing.

Police Stories will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 19th priced at £13.99 ($14.99).

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