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Tomorrow Corporation explain the message behind Little Inferno

I had rather enjoyed Little Inferno, Tomorrow Corporation downloadable fireplace simulator being a toasty treat for Wii U owners at launch.

Whilst critics and fans have debated the message behind the game, creator Kyle Gray has indicated that interpretations – which range from global warming and mocking freemium games – have been wide off the mark.

“If you have a message in your game – which ours does – chances are people aren’t going to get it”, Gray explained at GDC 2014. “A lot of people thought it was about global warming, and I guess it could be, but to be honest we wanted to make a fireplace simulator, and it doesn’t make sense to put that in a world where there’s no regular seasons. That world was cold, and it was based around that.

“Then there was: is this commentary on freemium games? Not really. We did the bright aesthetics, and the [gameplay] loops are kinda fun. Some people don’t like freemium games, and that’s cool, but some people I know do a metagame where people play without trying to spend any money. But it wasn’t about that either.

“It was more about getting out of a job you hated, or a bad relationship or anything like that. In Little Inferno, everyone’s stuck doing the same thing over and over”.

[Thanks Digital Spy]

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