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Two Tribes once again get us in a flap, as Toki Tori joins the Nintendo eShop as part of the Netherlands-based studio’s Classics series.

This vintage of the Game Boy Color era isn’t unfamiliar with being recreated, having already graced WiiWare, iOS, Steam and PSN with updated visuals among other snazzy upgrades. Now it’s been adapted to suit the Wii U GamePad, introducing Off-TV Play and optional touchscreen controls.


The game’s approach to puzzle design remains particularly well-varied: constructing bridges, warping to a nearby location, blasting enemies with freeze rays, rummaging blocks around, and laying ghost traps that see spectres tumble through the floor whilst opening up new pathways for you to bound along.

Whichever you find placed at your disposal will be required to help Toki Tori secure all the missing eggs scattered across the level. After a brief glance around each, more experienced players will most likely pinpoint such solutions relatively quickly, although a younger audience will see their deductive powers tested far more.

Help is at hand, however, if you do find yourself completely perplexed by what’s before you. Two Tribes grant you a single Wildcard, which may be used to skip a level in its entirety. Although you will need to return to tackle that level in future if you want to recover the Wildcard for later use.


Meanwhile, a Rewind feature encourages progression through trial and error, making the experience all the more forgiving. That said, if you relish the challenge then you can always choose to ignore the option entirely.

Nevertheless, Toki Tori remains a joy to play and the game’s rebirth on the Wii U provides as good a chance as any to see precisely what you’ve been missing out on.

Version Tested: Wii U
Review copy provided by Two Tribes

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