Togepi password revealed for Pokémon Rumble World


Nintendo of America have shared another password for Pokémon Rumble World, allowing players of the free-to-start Nintendo 3DS exclusive to unlock Fairy-type baby Pokémon, Togepi.

That password is 04730723, so far only available to those in North America, with Nintendo of Europe presumably to share a separate code themselves later today.

Pancham, Smeargle, Doublade and Klefki passwords have so far been revealed for the game – redeemable when you’ve reached Adventure Rank of 4 or higher.

Our Pokémon Rumble World review was a positive one, in which we concluded: “It’s unlikely that Pokémon newcomers will stick it out to catch ’em all, thanks in part to the balloon mechanics and eventual grind, which without such complication would have inevitably achieved the opposite.”

Pokémon Rumble World is now available for free exclusively for Nintendo 3DS worldwide.

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  1. Hi there, I was just wondering if Australia uses the American codes, or the European codes? My friend told me about a code for Samurott on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, but he didn’t tell me if it was the American code or European one. I really want to get Togepi and other pokemon when I charge my DS, but I’m not sure which code/s will work for Australia.

    1. I believe it’s the european code. It doens’t hurt to try both, as their is no consequence for doing so.

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