Tiny Metal Has Vanished From The Nintendo Switch eShop In Europe


Tiny Metal has miraculously vanished on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Europe, the turn-based strategy game that has been likened to Advance Wars.

The reason behind the game’s sudden disappearance is unclear, with developer AREA 35 not addressing the matter on any social media channels – despite sharing in the last hour that they are preparing a software update for Nintendo Switch to tweak the text size.

Tiny Metal casts players as Artemisian Lieutenant Nathan Gries, commanding his units to victory against the villainous Zipang nation. With several friends and enemies that you will encounter on your conquest, the single-player campaign promises to last 8-10 hours.

The developer has looked to produce a Japanese arcade war game that utilises modern graphics, with players to lead 13 different units to defeat Zipang’s forces. It will be important to consider terrain and unit positioning for attacks, as well as strategic advancements and defences.

But, we’ll have to wait and see precisely when it will return to the Nintendo eShop…

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