Timejinx and Hypnotorious Revealed For The Jackbox Party Pack 10

The Jackbox Party Pack 10 Hypnotorious Logo

Jackbox Games has revealed Timejinx and Hypnotorious as the next games that you will be able to play in The Jackbox Party Pack 10.

In Timejinx (1 to 8 players), you play as a time traveller who meets up with their ragtag group of friends for a trivia night at the game’s host, Jerri Rigg.

In wanting to create an immersive trivia experience, you will be tasked with hopping into your time machine to travel to specific years, blend into random parties from different decades, navigate your way through a time loop, save a real historical figure from their evil imposter, fix the absurd butterfly effect you’ve caused and more.

Whereas in Hypnotorious (4 to 8 players), players must take part in a virtual stage show where a mysterious hypnotist mesmerises you before giving you a character to play. You must take on this new persona and answer questions as your character. Each player must keep their character – which falls into one of three categories – secret because the game is about working out each other’s identities.

Once you have answered your questions, players work to group up with others that they believe are in the same category as them – accurately doing so scoring you a lot of points. However, there is one player who is The Outlier and is the only person that belongs to one category. You will need to identify them before it is too late to score big points, and even The Outlier won’t know that it is them.

The Jackbox Party Pack 10 will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Fall 2023.

Introducing Timejinx: The Jackbox Party Pack 10 Trailer

Introducing Hypnotorious: The Jackbox Party Pack 10 Trailer

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