Time-Hopping The Forgotten City Out On Nintendo Switch This Summer

The Forgotten City Logo

Dear Villagers and Modern Storyteller have confirmed that The Forgotten City will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

In the time of the Roman Empire, 23 lost souls who are trapped in a secret underground city cling to life. Within their precarious utopia, if one person breaks the mysterious “Golden Rule,” every one of them will die.

Playing as a time-traveller drawn 2,000 years into the past, you will relive their final moments in an endless loop as you explore, interrogate and work to change the course of the day with each secret you uncover.

With the chance to role-play as whoever you want – choosing your own gender, origin and backstory – you must solve problems your own way, whether that be with reason, charm, bribery, stealth, intimidation or exploiting the time-loop to reach one of the game’s multiple endings.

The Forgotten City will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2021.

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