ThunderCats strike Nintendo DS

thundercats nintendo ds

Aspect Digital are currently developing a game based upon the recent ThunderCats television series reboot.

This will see the Lizard army advancing on Thundera, with King Claudus, Grune and Tygra having all gone to fend them off. When Grune defects, however, Lion-O soon rushes to provide assistance. Reuniting with Tygra, you learn of King Claudus’ death and that Grune’s betrayal was due to being controlled by Mumm-Ra.

It’s a side-scrolling Nintendo DS title, with felled enemies dropping either health or items that charge the Sword of Omens. Once fully charged, the player is then able to unleash its power by hitting an icon on the touch screen.

You may also call upon Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, Wily Kat and Wily Kit for assistance, through icons representing them on the touch screen. Sound effects and voice acting also feature, having been taken from the cartoon series.

ThunderCats is set to release during August for Nintendo DS.

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