Three Things You Might Not Know About Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Key Art

Nintendo of America has released a short video recorded at E3 2019, in which Dragon Quest Builders 2 producers Noriyoshi Fujimoto and Takuma Shiraishi share three facts about the game that you may not know.

1. The Builder Pencil Lets You Copy Your Favorite Buildings

“The first thing we’d like you to know about is the new builder pencil item which allows you to take one of your favorite buildings or landscapes and turn it into a blueprint which can be created easily if you want to copy somewhere else with this convenient new feature.”

2. You Can Use The Bulletin Board To Copy Buildings From Other Players

“The second thing that we’d like to introduce you to is the bulletin board feature which allows users to upload in-game photos and landscapes that can be then shared with other users.

“You can even use the builder pencil to bring one of these new buildings or landscapes to your own world if you’re not entirely comfortable with the building process yourself.”

3. Make More Than One Toilet!

“The third feature we would like to introduce is the AI of the village residents. The player makes the town, but I think the villagers really add something as well as you can watch their interesting reactions everywhere.

“For example, if you only place one toilet in a village, they will form a long line. So, please if you can make at least ten toilets so people don’t have to wait in line!

“But I think you’re going to enjoy watching all of the residents’ actions and enjoying their lifestyle in the village.

“In addition to the three points we just told you about, there’s a lot more still to discover in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Let’s build!”

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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