Three Things You Might Not Know About Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina Key Art

Nintendo of America has released a short video recorded at E3 2019, in which Daemon X Machina director Kenichiro Tsukuda has shared three facts about the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive that you may not know.

1. You Will Fight Both In The Air And On The Ground

“So, in this game you use Arsenals and you are able to move freely in the air and on the ground.”

2. You Can Steal Equipment To Make Yourself Stronger

“Also, you can steal equipment from enemies in real-time and equip them right on the spot to make yourself stronger.”

3. A Post-Launch Update Will Add Competitive Play

“This game has co-op play but after the update, you will be able to participate in competitive play as well. So it will be great for people who own the Nintendo Switch to all play together.

“This game has gotten so much better because of the incredible support and feedback we have received. Our staff has really put a lot of effort into this game, so we hope you enjoy it when it comes out.”

Daemon X Machina will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 13th.

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