Three New Stages arrive for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS


As promised, the Super Mario Maker stage has become available for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS this week.

But, as a surprise, that has been accompanied by two other stages. Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Pirate Ship stage returns as a Wii U exclusive addition, inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and seeing players battle as they drift across the Great Sea.

Whereas the Duck Hunt stage, which was already unlockable in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, has now been added to the Nintendo 3DS version as part of a free update.

Super Mario Maker
3DS: £2.29 ($2.49)
Wii U £2.29 ($2.49)
3DS & Wii U: £3.19 ($3.49)

Pirate Ship
Wii U:
£1.79 ($1.99)

Duck Hunt

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