Three New Akiko Shikata Songs To Debut In Touken Ranbu Warriors

Akiko Shikata Photo

Koei Tecmo has announced that the world-renowned singer-songwriter Akiko Shikata will contribute three new songs to the Touken Ranbu Warriors soundtrack.

That will include the game’s opening theme “Color Barrage,” and two ending songs called “Honor” and “Time.” Shikata has contributed songs to anime and video games, such as the vocals for the theme song to the NHK taiga drama Haha Moyu, the theme song and ending theme to the NHK program Genkai! Choujou Final Darkside Mystery and in games like Ar Tonelico, Surge Concerto and Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-.

It has also been revealed that mysterious fighter Omokage – voiced by Takuma Terashima – will be playable in the game, who wields an otachi (great sword) and “will be a key figure in the storyline alongside Mikazuki Munechika and the other Touken Danshi.”

The first-ever console game based on DMM Games‘ Touken Ranbu series will fuse the Touken training of the Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- simulation game with the one-on-1,000 combat from the Warriors musou series, you will have the chance to battle alongside partner characters and engage in head-to-head duels with your enemies.

You can expect 15 characters from Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-, in which famous swords take the form of warriors named Touken Danshi (swordsmen) and these elite fighters are sworn to protect history.

In Touken Ranbu Warriors, Touken Danshi members have been drifting through time without their master – the Saniwa – to lead them, when the fearsome History Retrograde Army (HRA) attack them.

After the initial conflict has ended, the Government of the Time approaches the Touken Danshi and sends them on a mission into the war-torn Sengoku Era where Japanese history is being revised. It is up to them to restore order and the original timeline.

You will also be able to explore the Honmaru, the main base for the game’s heroes. You will be able to freely place the Touken Danshi and experience their daily lives, which “can only be experienced in this game.”

Touken Ranbu Warriors will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 24th May 2022.

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