Three Kirby Soundtracks Now Available On iTunes, Apple Music And Spotify

Kirby Planet Robobot Artwork

HAL Laboratory has announced that three Kirby soundtracks are now available around the world on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and other online music services.

The three albums, which were previously only available in Japan, are:

Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert (14 tracks): This album contains music recorded at the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert held in Tokyo in July 2017. Under the baton of conductor Taizo Takemoto, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra performed several fan favourites, capturing the imagination of the Kirby players in the audience.

Kirby Memorial Arrangements (12 tracks): This companion album to Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert features tracks from Kirby titles that were not performed at the concert, specially re-arranged with live instruments and vocals to commemorate 25 years of Kirby.

Kirby Planet Robobot Original Soundtrack (97 tracks): This is the original soundtrack for the Nintendo 3DS game Kirby Planet Robobot released by Nintendo in 2016. Containing 97 tracks, this collection allows players to relive their adventures saving Planet Popstar from the Haltmann Works Company.

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