This Rowlet Plush Is Absolutely Adorable

rowlet image

I have already decided that I am firmly on #TeamRowlet. Pokémon Sun and Moon‘s three starter Pokémon may have only been revealed earlier this week, but DeviantArt user Piquipauparro certainly agrees with such choice.

They have wasted no time in put their artisan craft skills to work, resulting in an undeniably adorable handmade Rowlet plush. The Grass and Fighting-type Pokémon has already become a firm favourite, and the plush has been made to reflect it taking a quick snooze.

“I have already decided who I’m going to choose,” Piquipauparro shares. “This cute little guy with his bowtie looks pretty promising. My favourite is Grass-type Pokémon and I love owls. Yay! He was quite a quick little project I made for myself. He is barely 4.5″ tall!”

The Pokémon Company will expectedly release their own Rowlet plush to sell at their Pokémon Centers across Japan, but, until then, enjoy!


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