This Is The Police 2 Maintains Law And Order On Nintendo Switch In September

This Is The Police 2 Artwork

THQ Nordic and Weappy Studio have announced that This Is The Police 2 will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

Picking up the police baton from the original, you play as Lilly Reed (voiced by Sarah Hamilton) in this part-adventure, part-management game.

As the new sheriff, you must maintain law and order even though her subordinates are impolite men who aren’t used to receiving commands from a young woman. But, when a mysterious stranger called Warren Nash appears in Sharpwood, everything changes.

With new gameplay mechanics that the developer has looked to strengthen the strategic and tactical elements with, you will now directly participate in combat scenes where the outcome will hinge on your decisions.

Your subordinates are living people with their own strengths, weaknesses, fears and prejudices, and you will have to take these into account in order for them to survive dangerous situations.

This Is The Police 2 will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 25th.

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