This Golf Story Trick Shot Will Blow Your Mind


Golf Story has quickly become a popular addition to the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, a game that casts players as a golfer who is forced to give up everything that he holds dear for one last shot at accomplishing his dreams.

Many have been entranced at how it effortlessly blends EarthBound with Mario Golf, if such a comparison is possible. And, the game also throws out surprises every now and then – such as this trick shot.

Not wanting to hit a pumpkin, Twitch user Haigen64 carefully lines up his shot – narrowly missing the orange squash plant to then see the ball rebound off two dead trees and a pumpkin to score a hole-in-one. Stunned at his luck, the Australian streamer believes that he’s peaked and puts his Joy-Con to one side.

Golf Story is now available exclusively on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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