Third Pokémon Sun And Moon Global Mission Ends In Triumphant Success

pokemon sun moon anime screenshot

After two dramatic failures, the third global mission in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon has ended in triumph.

With the mission having tasked players with trading as many Pokémon as possible at the Global Trade Station (GTS), combined activity worldwide saw the initial 1 million goal become completely smashed.

The two week period saw players trade a whopping 4,107,702 Pokémon with their efforts being rewarded with 2,000 FC, or 4,000 FC if their game is connected to the Global Link.

Serebii reports that a Friend Ball and Rare Candy event distribution will now happen later this month, which will see a Serial Code be shared on the Global Link.

The next global mission will run from Tuesday 28th February and will task players with earning Battle Points at the Battle Tree on Poni Island.

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