Think Outside The Box In The Long Reach On Nintendo Switch Next Month

The Long Reach Screenshot

Merge Games and Painted Black Games have announced that The Long Reach will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

The psychological pixel art horror-thriller is set at a scientific research institute in Baervox, a fictional American town. The facility is researching a revolutionary accelerated knowledge transferring system, and, as you probably expected, something has gone wrong.

The technology that the scientists were working on has cataclysmically malfunctioned, resulting in the institute and town becoming a warped nightmare with the experiment participants having become transmuted.

Players will play as Calvin, a junior researcher that worked at the institute. Under your control, he will have to untangle the escalating situation – demonstrating enough courage and intelligence to save the world and secure his own survival.

With the intricate story unravelling through plentiful dialogue, players can look forward to tricky puzzles – their completion requiring that players collect and manipulate items.

The Long Reach will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on March 14th, priced at £12.99 (€14.99).

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