Thief Simulator 2 Out On Nintendo Switch In 2023

Thief Simulator 2 Logo

Ultimate Games and MrCiastku have announced that Thief Simulator 2 will release on Nintendo Switch.

The sequel will continue to deliver a unique blend of stealth, adventure and simulation, presenting you with the chance to make your career “in a very unusual, wicked industry.”

Tasked with completing numerous plundering challenges, you will start out breaking into ordinary houses, before moving on to banks and other well-protected facilities. To succeed, you will need to observe, plan and make well-thought-out moves while covering your tracks and fencing the items you steal.

“In Thief Simulator 2, we will improve the best features and solutions known from the first instalment, at the same time offering players a whole package of new possibilities. Expect new goals, skills and challenges,” explains Ultimate Games COO Rafał Jelonek.

“The new instalment will be bigger, better, prettier and even more exciting. We pay great attention to the feedback from our community gathered around the game. We are also preparing numerous surprises for fans of the series. As a result, Thief Simulator 2 will offer everything that the players liked about the previous instalment and much more.”

Thief Simulator 2 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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