Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy originally considered for Nintendo DS

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The latest Iwata Asks column sees the Nintendo CEO grill Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy producer Ichiro Hazama.

Surprisingly this is Hazama’s first game project, having previously worked on the computer-animated Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children film released back in 2005.

He had first proposed the concept of making Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy after Advent Children was completed, and was originally considered to release on Nintendo DS. However, due to issues with storage capacity and hardware horsepower, the game never went into production.

However when the Nintendo 3DS was announced, Hazama explains that the opportunity had arisen to at last make the game, and he immediately finalised plans with development studio Indies Zero. This was then shown to Tetsuya Nomura, who granted the go-ahead for the project to get underway the same day.

[Thanks Andriasang]

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