Theatrhythm Final Fantasy confirmed for iPhone, iPad

theatrhythm final fantasy iphone

Whilst the teaser website still remains unchanged, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will soon release for iPhone and iPad.

Square Enix describe that this new version “has been augmented with more songs and new playable characters to make it easier to dive into and play than ever before!”

Previously available as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, the iOS application introduces ‘Quest Medley mode’ that sees you play through a single FMS (Field Music Stage) and BMS (Battle Music Stage) song that you have purchased

As before, completion will grant experience that will allow your chosen characters to gain experience. Abilities unlocked will be automatically equipped and triggered during music stages, with difficulties ranging between Basic, Expert and Ultimate scores.

In addition, three Illusive Scores for each song can be unlocked through clearing Quest Medleys.

Social media interaction has also been incorporated, with players able to share their own original scores created through the ‘Compose Scores’ mode through Twitter. These in turn expanding the game beyond the content provided by Square Enix themselves.

You can view Theatrhythm Final Fantasy through the iTunes Store, with the application itself free and songs incurring microtransactions.

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