Theatrhythm Dragon Quest scores free launch DLC in Japan


The curtain may have fallen on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call‘s weekly downloadable content, but Square Enix are merely looking to switch gear with Theatrhythm Dragon Quest’s impending launch in Japan next week.

Siliconera reports that five free tracks will shortly become available as downloadable content for the Nintendo 3DS exclusive, expanding the selection held on the cart. These will namely be:

* Dragon Quest: “Finale” (FMS)
* Dragon Quest II: “Riding the Waves” (FMS)
* Dragon Quest III: “Castle Rondo” (FMS)
* Dragon Quest IV: “Wagon Wheel’s March” (FMS)
* Dragon Quest V: “Castle Trumpeter” (FMS)

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest releases exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on March 26th.

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