The Wonderful 101 promises 20-hour play session

Those looking forward to Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101 can expect it to take around 20 hours to complete, according to game director Hideki Kamiya.

Such comments followed a remark he had made on social media site Twitter, where he explained that PlatinumGames focus on how much fun the player has with their titles rather than how long it takes to complete theme.

“In the case of Wonderful 101, we really try to pack a lot of different ideas into it, and it got a lot bigger than I thought. And in fact we estimate that a normal play session would be 20 hours,” Kamiya discussed with Nintendo World Report.

“Personally I think that I kept piling stuff on and I realized ‘Wow, this is going to be a pretty big game.’”

It isn’t that the game is necessarily short, Kamiya elaborated, just that the experience is entirely different to what players usually expect from the studio.

“Basically, with action games, like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, something that we really strive for is replayability. These are types of games that you get out of what you put into them, the play quality is really important,” he explained.

“So we estimate with some of these past games you get around maybe ten hours of play, but it’s also the type of experience that you put in a lot of effort in designing so that you may get ten hours of play but its the kind of experience that you can play over and over.

“Like, you come home from school and once you get really good at it you can start getting through the game a little bit quicker and, you know, there’s this constant sport of effort to outdo your last play sessions.

“So, we do pay attention to the length. It’s something that I try to put in a lot of volume into it, but also reward players who are able to play it quicker and better, and so the experience of course in that case ends up shorter. But the focus on replayability has been something really strong, especially in Bayonetta and Wonderful 101, and even Resident Evil 2 so you could get it down to a two-hour play session.”

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