The Wonderful 101 originally had all-star Nintendo character roster

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PlatinumGames original concept for The Wonderful 101 saw the developer look to bring Nintendo’s characters together within one game, the latest Iwata Asks interview has revealed.

The eventual Wii U exclusive was the first project plan that the developer had ever presented to Nintendo, with president Tatsuya Minami tasking Hideki Kamiya with coming up with “a plan to bring together world famous characters with Nintendo characters at its center, appearing all in one game.”

Though Kamiya believed that Smash Bros. already covered such idea well enough and suggested a game in which all characters appeared on screen at once, therefore birthing what would become The Wonderful 101.

The Wonderful Ones ability to Unite Morph was also inspired by a children book called We Turned Into Monsters, Kamiya explains, “a story about animals coming together to become a big monster.”

The Wonderful 101 has launched across Europe today exclusively for Wii U, and be sure to read our review

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