The Survivalists Washes Ashore On Nintendo Switch In 2020

The Survivalists Logo

Team17 has revealed that The Survivalists is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This strategy, survival-lite sandbox game is set in The Escapists universe and combines crafting, building, and monkey training – seeing you battle against the forces of nature on procedurally-generated islands.

With the chance to team up in “collaborative and session-based, online co-operative multiplayer,” you will have to contend with a day-to-night cycle, animals such as big cats and sharks, and deadly fanatics.

The Survivalists has a mimic system that will let you train the local monkey population to gather resources, build structures, or help you to fight off threats.

“Following the incredible success of The Escapists franchise, we wanted to expand the universe and try something very different from the world of prison breaks and orange boilersuits – and that’s how The Survivalists was born,” explains Team17 producer Emma Bates.

“We’re looking to really build on what’s been done with the genre in the past, with new takes on what it means to survive in harsh wildernesses and against nature itself – with the help of trained monkeys, of course.”

The Survivalists will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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