The Sun proclaim Nintendo 3DS as the “best console ever”


Positive coverage from The Sun seems a rarity these days, especially after vilifying Nintendo for the past few years.

If computer games weren’t giving children dementia, the Nintendo 3DS was making them physically sick – something that retailers immediately refuted. The Sun even had to deny deliberately attacking Nintendo at one point.

Whilst initially discussing the worrying situation that the Wii U finds itself in, the writer, Derek Brown, reveals that the 3DS has become his favourite gaming console. “I don’t mean favourite handheld console, I mean favourite console full stop,” he clarifies.

He further comments that “it is now emerging as an essential piece of gaming hardware,” having initally struggled at retail following launch. Praising Fire Emblem: Awakening as his game of the year, Luigi’s Mansion 2 as being excellent, and further budget releases like Fallblox, VVVVVV and HarmoKnight, he deems the Nintendo 3DS library as worthy of attention.

Positive press indeed, and Nintendo will surely be pleased to see their immediate change of heart. Now to do the same with Wii U…

[Thanks GoNintendo]

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