The Sun initiate Wii U attack


Continuing to demonstrate their unending hatred of Nintendo, The Sun has now turned their negative gaze upon the Wii U.

When not busy chundering all over himself whilst playing on a Nintendo 3DS, Lee Price vivaciously chortles at his publication’s ability to expertly scrape the fabrication gutter by directly misquoting a leading neuroscientist to state that computer games “are giving kids dementia.”

The Sun immediately denied that they weren’t deliberately targeting Nintendo, yet Lee’s latest attack .

So, what’s the latest criticism? Five reasons as to why you shouldn’t purchase a Wii U.

Whether it be soon-to-be outdated technology, “Vita masquerading as the [Wii U] GamePad,” or even that, for the same price, you could spend your money on “a lifetime’s supply of iPhone apps,” The Sun once again has an answer for everything.

Of course, it wouldn’t be entirely unfamiliar territory for us to rebuke their comments as a Nintendo-orientated site, but the article is so misguided we couldn’t help ourselves stand up for the upcoming console.

It’s underhand tactics entirely aimed at stimulating an outcry of response from fans such as ourselves, but it is ultimately disappointing that such narrow mindedness is regularly allowed to be printed within such a broadly read publication.

Hopefully, you’ll see enough sense to try the Wii U for yourselves during its UK Showcase Tour. Maybe you’ll understand its individuality more so than Lee. (Easily.)

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