The Sun continues outrageous Nintendo 3DS hate campaign

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It seems that The Sun newspaper are set to publish an outrageous article a day for the Nintendo 3DS, with today’s seeming laughingly more satirical than factual in relation its recent attacks on the handheld system. I can’t even believe they get paid to do this…

Following on from their false reports that “thousands” had returned units to retailers following complaints regarding feeling sick whilst playing, the tabloid has today apparently tested the device on 22-year-old Lee Price under supervision from The Sun’s resident doctor Carol Cooper.

In the post, so eloquently titled “Nintendo 3DS is game for a barf”, she measured his resting blood pressure as 120/70 with a pulse of 67, with Lee then being tasked with playing Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D in four 30-minute slots, with ten minute breaks advised between games.

This was his progress, apparently:

THIRTY MINS: Blood pressure 127/72, pulse 66. Lee: I sat on a sofa and feel OK so far – a slight headache, but nothing extraordinary. Carol: Seems fine so far.

ONE HOUR: Blood Pressure 130/74, pulse 69. Lee: I stood playing. Carol noted slight nystagmus, where your eyes race from side-to-side. Carol: First sign of a side-effect, caused by your eyes taking something in your body can’t feel.

ONE HOUR 30 MINS: 135/80, pulse 82. Lee: Playing as I walk idly down the street. My figures have gone up. Carol: If this was your resting rate, I’d recommend you saw a GP about high blood pressure.

TWO HOURS: 140/84, pulse 85. Lee: Playing in car passenger seat makes me feel very nauseated. Carol: If this rate is sustained for a long period it could damage circulation. I think the break period needs to be significantly increased.

LEE’S VERDICT: After two hours, it’s time to put it away.

CAROL’S VERDICT: Children should not be left to play on it for hours.

That’s right, The Sun have wasted their time in telling the general public what Nintendo have been stating since the handheld was first introduced. It is a natural surprise to find that playing the Nintendo 3DS whilst walking increases your heart rate though, seeing as walking normally doesn’t… wait, what?!

It’s infuriating to see such an inaccurate, defamatory report hit the headlines to cause further unnecessary scaremongering. Still, maybe its enough cause for Nintendo to hit back with a lawsuit?

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  1. It went up slightly because he was active, he was playing moving thinking. Course your bp will increase.
    Then they had him walking so it goes up more.

    Then they decided to the the ultimate stupid. Concentrating on something whilst in a vehicle that makes you nauseous what ever it is, reading a book. Sending a text. Etc

    So these results were done purposely to get a bad review.
    If they had just sat the guy down for 2 hours doing nothing I’m sure the most he’d have is a headache

  2. Same old shit, I also remember that the snes kills people through epilepsy and the wii puts people in hospital from wii remote injuries. Change the record

  3. They do it to everything new, so I find more amusement in it than frustration these days. It isn’t going to stop 3DS sales anyway, ‘nor will people return it due to this. It’ll still be the biggest handheld out – right now, anyway.

    I’ve yet to purchase it, but I’ve had a few good sessions on it before and I honestly experience little effect. Most people have one now, or know someone who does, so it’s pretty clear by this point that they’re writing a complete exaggeration. They’re only ruining their own credibility. Just sit back and laugh at how poor they are at their hate campaign.

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