The Stone Of Madness Coming To Nintendo Switch In Spring 2021

The Stone Of Madness Logo

Merge Games and Teku Studios have announced that The Stone of Madness will release on Nintendo Switch.

This is pitched as “a hardcore real-time tactics and stealth game set in an ever-changing Spanish monastery.” There are five inmates that have been imprisoned under different pretences, but, in order to escape, they must confront their phobias and risk worsening their existing conditions before madness completely takes them.

With an art style based on the works of painter Francisco de Goya, at the start of each game you select an escape plan that differs in their requirements and difficulty. Each plan “offers unique stories, objectives, special characters and other surprises,”

The characters start with various traumas and phobias, and, based on how you play, could develop a Stone of Madness that triggers new disabilities and negative effects such as paranoia, dementia or bouts of violence.

This will increase the game’s difficulty, but characters can also unlock positive effects or reverse these negative effects by recovering Stones of Clarity scattered throughout the monastery.

The Stone of Madness will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring 2021.

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