The Spirit And The Mouse Release Date Scurries Into View

The Spirit And The Mouse Logo

Armor Games Studios and Alblune have confirmed a release date for The Spirit and The Mouse on Nintendo Switch.

In this “wholesome adventure,” you play as the adorable mouse Lila who, after a fateful encounter on a stormy night, meets the Spirit Guardian Lumion who is in need of help and lends his powers to her in his place.

Lila must climb, scamper and shock her way around the otherwise quiet village of Sainte-et-Claire on a quest that will see you befriend playful electrical spirits called Kibblins, help out the villagers in need and witness “an emotional and heartwarming experience” that will show that everyone can be hero, no matter their size.

“We are very excited to announce the release date of The Spirit and the Mouse and also finally reveal Lumion, ‘the Spirit!'” Alblune developers Lucie Lescuyer and Alexandre Stroukoff enthuse. “We can’t wait for players to meet all the characters we’ve created, and explore the relaxing and cosy village of Sainte-et-Claire!”

The publisher breaks down the game’s key features as below:

  • Explore the charming French village of Sainte-et-Claire and discover its secrets at your own pace from the perspective of a tiny mouse!
  • Use electricity-based powers to traverse the world around you, solve character-driven puzzles, and bring the villagers’ stories to life.
  • Help the troubled local villagers by going on quests and placating the mischievous Kibblins through charming mini-games.
  • Collect energy and happiness to unlock new abilities throughout the course of your adventure.

The Spirit and the Mouse will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 26th September 2022.

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