The Snack World Gobbles Up 2017 Release Window


Nintendo NX may be arriving in several months, but LEVEL-5 will bring their fourth cross-media project The Snack World to Nintendo 3DS, iOS and Android next year.

This takes place in a usual RPG setting with weapon shops and inns being regular pit stops on your adventure, but adds modern conveniences like corner stores, vending machines and cafés.

LEVEL-5 position it as being a “hyper-casual fantasy,” with The Snack World TV series to air in a primetime slot across Japan on TV Tokyo in April 2017. Shogakukan will publish monthly serial comic strips in CoroCoro Comics, and Takara Tomy has produced a toy range. It will rolled-out to other entertainment franchises, too.

The Snack World will release across Japan on iOS and Android devices in April 2017, and on Nintendo 3DS in July 2017. LEVEL-5 abby is handling the cross-media project’s overseas expansion, with the rollout schedule undetermined.

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