The Sacred Hero Promises An Incredible Adventure On Nintendo Switch

the sacred hero image

We weren’t expecting to hear more on Nintendo Switch games until next month, but, as that wait continues, independent developers have started to pledge their support for the console.

SiMPLiSTiC has become the latest to do so, sharing an early development teaser for The Sacred Hero which, targeting a 2018 release, is an adventure game that aims to twist the conventions of the RPG genre.

“We have the license and the game is currently in development. Ruven Wegner (or as you may know him as Music Proposition) will be lending his talents towards the project,” the developer shared. “This game is aiming to take a unique twist on the RPG genre and we are excited to see your reactions to what we have in store!”

The brief teaser largely dwells on a sword impaled in a stone, but eagle-eyed viewers have shown concern that it is the same weapon model used in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Not only that but, as the camera pans above ground, there are clear frame rate drops.

The developer has moved to address these, explaining that the sword has been used as a placeholder and that they “do not plan on using any content from other games or creators without their authorization to do so in the final game, especially Nintendo.” The lag spikes are blamed on the game’s early development, which means it hasn’t been optimised yet.

Nintendo Switch will release worldwide in March 2017.

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