The Rampage Begins In Monster Hunter Rise Story Trailer

Monster Hunter Rise Cutscene Screenshot

Capcom has released a story trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, showcasing the new Rampage Quests in the upcoming action role-playing game.

The Rampage is a “catastrophic event” when countless monsters attack Kamura Village at once. Its people have lived in fear of it happening since ancient times, but nobody has discovered exactly why it occurs. The phenomenon last happened 50 years ago and came close to wiping out the entire village,.

You will set out on an adventure from the colourful village, which attracts visitors from around the world thanks to its “unique culture and innovative hunting technologies.”

After equipping your armour and selecting your weapon, all-new hunting grounds such as the ancient Shrine will offer “continuous gameplay” now that maps have no loading times meaning that as soon as your hunt begins without transitions between areas.

Monster Hunter Rise will introduce wire-based grappling actions that can be performed using the Wirebug while standing or in mid-air, allowing for more aerial maneuverability to your hunting strategies and attacks.

You will also have to confront Magnamalo, described as “a menacing new flagship monster that will present a formidable challenge to hunters of all skill levels.” There are also other new additions like the shape-shifting Aknosom, the amphibious Tetranadon and returning species from previous Monster Hunter games.

There will also be the chance to team up with new hunting partners called Palamutes, personalised and rideable Canyne companions that will provide a new set of attack options. The Felyne Palicoes will return as support characters for actions like healing, and, on solo hunts, both a Palamute and Palico can assist you.

Monster Hunter Rise will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 26th March 2021.

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