The Path Of Calydra Coming To Nintendo Switch

The Path Of Calydra Logo

Varsav Game Studios and FinalBoss Games have announced that The Path of Calydra will release on Nintendo Switch.

You play as Matheus in this upcoming adventure game, a shy and quiet boy who meets a mysterious otherworldly being called Calydra who uses a portal to transport him to the world of Calysgore.

Built with Unreal Engine 4, you will be challenged to recover four crystals that contain the lost elemental magics.

On his journey, you will meet charming characters and adorable creatures while gaining powers that will let you breathe underwater, fly

charming characters, and adorable creatures galore. On his journey, Matheus will gain powers that allow him to breathe underwater, fly and improve his combat prowess.

The Path of Calydra will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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