The Messenger Update Version 1.0.3 Adds New Game+ Mode, Jukebox And More

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Sabotage Studio has released a new software update for The Messenger, that sees the time-travelling ninja adventure now on version 1.0.3.

This has added a New Game+ mode, allowing players that have completed the game to start a new save slot (with a plus sign next to it) that will let you use all previously unlocked upgrades as well as the windmill shuriken.

The difficulty will ramp up with increased incoming damage and boss HP, but players must have a fully completed save slot (100 percent game progression) to access it. And, in New Game+, every subsequent run will add another ‘+’ to the save filename – further increasing damage taken and upping boss HP even more.

Players can also remap the controls, a visual cue has been added in the underwater labyrinth for accessibility purposes, the Prophet’s hint feature is now on the map to help guide you and a Jukebox has been added.

The Messenger is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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