The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel Locks In December Release Date

The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel Key Art

Eastasiasoft and Yangyang Mobile have confirmed a release date for The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel on Nintendo Switch.

This interactive horror-themed drama takes inspiration from classic Asian horror movies. After seven people fall prey to a vicious curse, they discover that the true threat does not lie within the shadows but within their hearts and minds.

Told through an immersive branching narrative, the game casts you in the “ever-shifting roles” of its seven characters as their lives become entangled with a mystery that has plagued Ermengarde Mansion for centuries.

It is the choices that you make that will shape and drive the story forward. Whether that sees you mend a relationship on the verge of collapse or let it fall apart, or risk saving someone despite the consequences that you could face or leave them to their gruesome demise. The fate of each character is in your hands.

The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 15th December 2021, with a physical edition to release in early 2022.

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