The Last Worker Primed For Delivery This Month

The Last Worker Logo

Wired Productions, Oiffy and Wolf & Wood have confirmed a release date for The Last Worker, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

This narrative adventure is centred around our struggle in an increasingly automated and dehumanising world. With handcrafted 3D and 2D visuals based on concepts from British comics artist Mick McMahon, the game is set in a lonely and oppressive but strangely beautiful environment.

The gameplay experience has been concocted from “a unique blend of first-person narrative, work simulation and stealth strategy,” with the developer looking to deliver an emotional, thought-provoking and comedic story with “an all-star cast” bringing to life its rich characters.

The Last Worker delivers “an emotional, thought-provoking story filled with rich characters” performed by an all-star cast including Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, Star Trek Discovery), Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (The Meg, True Detective), Clare-Hope Ashitey (Riviera, Children of Men), David Hewlett (The Shape of Water, Oddworld New’n’Tasty), Zelda Williams (The Legend of Korra) and Tommie Earl Jenkins (Death Stranding, Wednesday).

“Just as the pandemic has made us all dependent on home deliveries, it took us a whole pandemic to deliver this game,” explains Oiffy director and writer Jörg Tittel. “We’ve often felt like Kurt, overworked, lonely and tired, with Skew reminding us that there will be fun and light at the end of this fulfilment centre. I hope you all make The Last Worker your next instant purchase.”

Wolf & Wood creative director Ryan Bousfield adds: “At the heart of it is the story of Kurt, someone who puts their job before everything else and we pick up as he, rather uncooperatively, is thrust into a scenario that requires him to take back control. From satisfying the daily quota, to moments of satire, stealth and a shootout, The Last Worker is always moving in a seamless flow of adventure and absurdist narrative.”

The Last Worker will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 30th March 2023.

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