The Last Story gains six-player online competitive and co-operative modes

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It would seem that Mistwalker have been keeping a closely guarded secret regarding upcoming Wii exclusive RPG title The Last Story, as this week’s issue of Japanese gaming magazine Jump has revealed that the game is to offer a six-player online component.

Making use of what has been dubbed the “Raid Lobby,” players will be able to take part in both six-player cooperative and competitive modes, Andriasang reports. Whereas the competitive mode will see players select their favourite character as they go head to head on the battlefield, co-op will see groups of players team up to pit themselves against a ferocious monster.

Further details remain light regarding each mode, yet we’re sure that Famitsu may expand upon it.

Alongside this the magazine also introduced a new character in the form of General Trista, a knight that used to be the highest ranking officer within the Imperial army. He currently spends his time travelling the world as he seeks to find a connection between the war and the devastation that has hit the Imperial lands.

As to whether he is a friend of foe is unknown, yet artwork suggests the former, with the magazine explaining that he is to play a major role in the story.

[Thanks Andriasang]

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