The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Gameplay Trailer Spotlights Courtroom Battles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Image

Capcom has shared a new gameplay trailer for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

This collection will include The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, two games in the long-running Ace Attorney series that have not been released outside of Japan before.

You will have the chance to join Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo as he steps into the courtroom in Meiji era Japan to defend himself as his very first client. With 10 novel adventures to work your way through, the events take place around a century before those in the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game.

That will soon see you leave Japan as Ryunosuke sets out on adventures that will take him overseas to England’s courtrooms, across Europe and back again as he works to defend the innocence of his clients.

You won’t have to work alone either, receiving assistance from none other than the energetic detective Herlock Sholmes as well as the child prodigy and young author Iris Wilson. Their expertise will be needed to help you outmatch the ruthless rival prosecutors that stand in the way of you securing justice, such as Taketsuchi Auchi and Van Zieks.

During investigations, you will team up with Sholmes in a “Dance of Deduction” to identify mistakes in the detective’s overboard logic and uncover new facts. Then, in the courtroom, you will take part in “Summation Examinations” where you must point out juror discrepancies in the hope of achieving a coveted “Not Guilty” verdict.

There is also a new Story Mode, for those that “want to enjoy a more stress-free experience.” The mode sees the game effectively play itself, without you needing to hunt for evidence at crime scenes or present the right finding in court. It’s an optional mode that can be toggled on or off whenever you with, letting you enjoy the game as if it were a visual novel or TV show.

The game will also come with bonus content that includes eight additional mini-episodes and three alternate costumes that were previously released as downloadable content in Japan. The collection also provides an inside look into the artwork, music and voice recordings of the games through the newly added Art Gallery and Auditorium.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 27th July 2021.

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