The Game Of Life 2 Coming To Nintendo Switch In Early 2021

The Game Of Life 2 Screenshot

Marmalade Game Studio has announced that The Game of Life 2 will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

This has looked to offer a “contemporary spin” on the Hasbro board game’s winning life simulation formula, with more choices and more freedom that make your journey more relatable to modern times.

With cross-platform play, you will be able to win the game with more than just money with the chance to earn points for Knowledge, Happiness and Wealth based on your choices.

“Bringing a game to a new platform is always exciting, and we’re especially proud to be launching The Game of Life 2 on Steam. We’ve been overwhelmed by the reception the game has had on mobile, and we know that players want to challenge their friends and family on PC,” explains Marmalade Game Studio CEO, Michael Willis.

“The Game of Life has been very successful since its release, and in making The Game of Life 2 we not only added modern options but modern gameplay. It’s a step forward in so many ways and I couldn’t be more proud of the team at Marmalade for bringing it to life. We can’t wait to see what the Steam community makes of it.”

Hasbro vice president of digital gaming Richard Cleveland adds: “We are pleased to work with Marmalade Game Studio in bringing our beloved board games to life across digital platforms.

“They always strike a balance between maintaining the essence of the brands and making the experience new and exciting for players. The Game of Life 2 is a great example of the work they do. They went above and beyond in creating a sequel that gives players a lot more life to live!”

The Game of Life 2 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2021.

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