The Flame In The Flood Update Version 1.0.1 Now Available


Curve Digital and The Molasses Flood have released a new software update for The Flame in the Flood, making performance improvements and bug fixes.

The backwater adventure through a forgotten post-societal America is a bleak but beautiful rogue-lite that is set upon a treacherous, procedurally generated river.

With the help of your loyal dog, Aesop, the player is cast as the intrepid wanderer, Scout, and must feed and clothe themselves from the land and whatever else you find. That will see you craft equipment and traps, upgrade your makeshift raft, and brave the rapids, as you look to survive the hostile world around you.

Changes Made In The Flame In The Flood Update Version 1.0.1

  • Removed brief flash of game title screen after loading and before main menu appears.
  • Reduced flicker when user lands at a new dock.
  • Adjusted overall colour and lighting to bring it into greater parity with game on other platforms.
  • Fixed minor corruption on a texture in the main menu that appears after extended play.
  • Corrected ref to ‘D-pad’ on the Quick Use tutorial plagque that appears near start of game.
Alex Seedhouse
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