The Binding Of Isaac amiibo Needs An Overdue Hug


If there is one character that was in need of a long overdue hug, it would be Isaac. When devilish voices lead his mother to take away his toys, drawings and clothes, lock him in his room and then, later on, threaten to sacrifice him, it’s understandable that The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ protagonist can’t stop crying.

But, there is certainly one thing that Isaac can be happy about. After the game’s early success on Nintendo Switch, publisher Nicalis has repeatedly gauged interest in an Isaac amiibo. Whether it will become a reality remains unclear.

If the amiibo entered production, it would become the second to be created by an independent developer after Yacht Club Games released a Shovel Knight amiibo. That saw the developer handle manufacturing and distribution, with the amiibo going on to become a popular item for fans of the side-scrolling platformer.


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