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If there’s one element of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game Complete Edition that is going to keep players entertained throughout the whole journey, it’s the massive range of easter eggs hidden throughout the game. This is a virtual treasure trove of references, from the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel all the way to classic video games. 

There are so many fun ones in fact, that I thought I’d put together a little compilation of my favourite ones. I’m sure to have missed some (there are so many Pac-Man references), but here are the ones that made me smile the most. 

Easter Eggs and References to the book and film

When pressing the summon button, each character will do a little pose before Knives appears to help out. Although Stephen Stills and Kims are generic, Scott and Ramona’s are actually neat little references to the Matthew Patel fight. 

Scott’s special move is an exact copy of the move he uses to infamously punch Roxy in the boob during book 4. This is also in the film! 

Each character’s victory pose after finishing a mission is a Nintendo reference, but Scott also pulls this pose before exiting the level, which is a reference to the ending of book 4. 

Meanwhile, Kim’s summon features Knives Chau coming down to kiss Kim and restore her health. This is a reference to the graphic novels where Kim and Knives drunkenly kiss. 

The mini-boss of level 5 is a reference to Robot-01 making an appearance at Julie’s Halloween party to attack Scott. The same posters from the graphic novel are even scattered around the background of the level. 

The first level of Scott Pilgrim features tons of references to places and characters in the series. Kim works at No-Account Video in the graphic novel, and Scott’s late fees are the exact same between the game and the book- $504. 

Another important location in Scott Pilgrim is Sneaky Dee’s, which is actually a real life location. Presumably due to licencing, it’s renamed to Dee’s TexMex in the game. Julie still appears in there though, which is fitting considering her role in the book is mostly centered there. 

A ton of NPC’s relevant to the Scott Pilgrim books and film appear throughout the game, but for ease here’s a shot of all of them in the final mission. Highlights include Julie, Mobile, other Scott, Scott’s parents, Lee and Scott’s brother. There are more characters here from the series than in the film! 

The reference to “summertime blues” is actually a show that the game is taking place in the same time-line as the graphic novels. The movie takes place over a few days and nights, but the book is over the course of a year, with the Roxy encounter taking place in the summertime.

After beating Todd in the third stage, you’ll receive a 1-UP. This is actually where Scott gets the 1-UP in the graphic novel as well, although in the movie its changed to the Katayanagi twins. 

Scott’s Power of Love sword makes an appearance in the final battle against Gideon as an incredibly strong weapon. 

In the second level you’ll see a director come out during some sections of the level. This is very clearly Edgar Wright, the director of the Scott Pilgrim film. 

Knives’ summon attack for Scott has her making a love cloud, which is what she does in both the movie and the graphic novel. 

The Clash at Demonhead poster on the walls of level 4 is the same one as the film and graphic novel, just in a retro styling. 

During Todd’s boss fight you’ll see these two come out and zap him. They’re the vegan police, and they appear briefly in the film and are more prevalent in the book. 

Easter Eggs and References to Gaming

Before the game even begins, we’ve got a reference! A vegetarian version of the “winners don’t use drugs” message appears, which is apt considering how vegetarians are viewed in the Scott Pilgrim universe.

As mentioned above, each character has a different exit animation to leave a level. Ramona’s is a reference to the subspace highway, but Scott references Mega Man, Kim references Kirby and Stephen Stills references Mario. 

More Mario references! The character select screen is a clear homage to Super Mario Bros. 2, theatre curtains and all. 

This container in the first level references Mega Man, and later on in the game there’s even an Energy Tank item that will restore your health! 

After beating Roxy in the fourth level she’ll explode into a bunch of animals, which is a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog. This is also the same in the graphic novel. You can also see Gideon the cat here, who appears in several levels. 

The KO noise that plays at the end of each boss battle is taken straight from Street Fighter III Alpha, as well as appearing in the movie. There are a ton of moves ripped from the Street Fighter games as well. 

Roxy uses substitution jutsu whenever she disappears from an area, which is a clear reference to Naruto, which is apt considering she’s a ninja. 

The overworld map is a reference to Super Mario World’s map, even up to the sprite of whichever character you’re controlling and the little yellow dots. There’s even a fade-in animation when you enter a level. 

The shot after finishing the final boss is mimicking Mega Man 2’s intro, slow rise up a building and all. 

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game Complete Edition is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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