The Banner Saga Marches Toward Nintendo Switch Release Next Week

The Banner Saga Screenshot

Versus Evil and Stoic have announced that The Banner Saga will release on Nintendo Switch next week, letting you set out on their epic role-playing Viking saga.

Your strategic choices will directly affect your journey, making allies as you travel with your caravan across a stunning but harsh landscape.

You must carefully choose who will help to fight against a new threat that jeopardises an entire civilisation. Every decision that you make, whether that be in travel, conversation or combat, will have a meaningful impact on the outcome of the story as it unfolds. Your unique progress and storyline will then carry on to the next game in the trilogy.

With more than 25 playable characters from two different races, human and varl, there are seven different classes with unique abilities and upgrade options to consider.

“Launching The Banner Saga on Nintendo Switch is an exciting moment for us, as we gear up in 2018 to enter the third and final chapter of the series it’s only fitting we give Nintendo players an opportunity to enjoy this award-winning Viking inspired saga where the journey begins,” explains Versus Evil general manager, Steve Escalante.

Stoic technical director John Watson adds: “We’ve always strived to share this epic series and the narrative of the saga across a variety of platforms and we are thrilled to now bring the Banner Saga to a whole new community of console players on the Nintendo Switch.”

The Banner Saga will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on May 17th, priced at $19.99.

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