Tetsuya Nomura Impressed By Cloud’s Design In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U & 3DS


Japan’s Weekly Famitsu magazine had chance to sit down with Masahiro Sakurai and Tetsuya Nomura, taking the chance to discuss how Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife joined the fray in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

There are plenty of interesting tidbits – revealing how discussing the possibility had been the first time that they had spoken to each other, and that approval for Cloud’s inclusion was met with no resistance.

We also learn that Sakurai was largely left alone to implement the character, with only “general editorial supervision” helping to decide the character’s physical appearance.

“He has a big sword, so let’s make him swing big… that’s not enough,” Sakurai reasoned in discussing his approach to Cloud’s inclusion. “So, using the consecutive strikes that you see in his side smash as the lynchpin to his design, we made his sword swings fast, but with enough lag so that he has periods of vulnerability, and attempted to balance him that way.”

Nomura added, “Creating the movements are the really difficult parts of making an action game. If you just focus on ‘smoothness’ then you end up with movements that have no spice to them, and feel kind of limp, which obviously isn’t okay. On that point, I thought that Cloud in Smash felt like he was well adjusted to the game, and he moved sharply as well, which I thought was very well done.”

Cloud was still subject to meticulous balancing, with Sakurai sharing: “He might seem fast, but there are parts of him that actually aren’t, and he isn’t very good in the air. Adjusting things like that is how we balanced him.”

The conversation then swung back to Nomura, who shared positive praise for his efforts: “The balance between his realistic movements, and then when he becomes more distorted is excellent. In particular, everything that happens when you hit with an attack, that was very impactful. I really thought it heightened the enjoyment of the game.”

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