Tetris 99 Mixes Battle Royale With Tetrominoes On Nintendo Switch

Tetris 99 Screenshot

Nintendo has revealed Tetris 99, the iconic puzzler making a return to challenge you to compete against 99 players until only one is left standing.

This is free-to-download for those that subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service, which is an important ingredient considering you will be facing other players online – with upcoming events promised.

You will need speed, skill, and strategy to knock out your competition to become the last player standing. Garbage Blocks can be sent to clutter the screens of your opponents but you may also be targeted back. Those that you defeat will reward you with KO badges that may give you an advantage in future attacks.

Tetris 99 is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

Tetris 99 Trailer

Tetris 99 Screenshots

Tetris 99 Screenshot 1

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Tetris 99 Screenshot 5

Tetris 99 Screenshot 6

Tetris 99 Screenshot 7

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Tetris 99 Screenshot 9

Tetris 99 Screenshot 10

Tetris 99 Screenshot 11

Tetris 99 Screenshot 12

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