TETRA’s Escape Block Jumps Onto Nintendo Switch In August

TETRA's Escape Screenshot

Ratalaika Games and ABX Games have announced that TETRA’s Escape will release on Nintendo Switch, a platforming puzzle-game that’s all about blocks.

You must use their special shapeshifting ability to turn them into different Tetrominos, filling holes in an effort to reach the portal that’s necessary to complete each puzzle.

That may require that you go block mad to create a staircase to the heavens, as you work your way through the 64 levels that you must beat.

Tetra has more abilities, too, such as Block Jumps, rotations, mirror effects, transformations, bombs for undoing transformations and others, which you will need to succeed on your journey.

TETRA’s Escape will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in August.

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