Terra Trilogy Delivers A Retro Flashback On Nintendo Switch

Terra Trilogy Screenshot

GS2 Games has revealed that Terra Trilogy will soon see release on Nintendo Switch, a three-in-one package that will “pay homage to the classic and retro arcade genre of the 1980s.”

Terra Lander, Terra Lander II – Rockslide Rescue and Terra Bomber will “each offer the familiar boops and beeps” to trigger your nostalgia, with the games now restored in high-definition using vector graphics with improved visual effects and controls.

Terra Lander Overview

Terra Lander is a two-dimensional sideways scroller inspired by the classic arcade shooters of the 1980s. Navigate your ship to the landing pad through twenty increasingly difficult levels within the time limit and without running out of fuel. Avoid the moving doors and increasingly fiendish enemies, and find the switches for the doors that block your way.

Movement and firing uses up fuel throughout the level, and running out means you lose controls and cannot fire. Replenish your tank by shooting the fuel dumps, and if all fuel dumps are destroyed on any given level the player’s fuel tank capacity is doubled for the next level (except in practice mode.).

Terra Lander II – Rockslide Rescue Overview

Terra Lander II – Rockslide Rescue is the sequel to Terra Lander in which players must rescue humanoids from various landing pads across the planet. Complete ten levels of increasing difficulty within the time limit by rescuing all of the humanoids and flying above the planet to escape. Movement and firing projectiles use up fuel, so keeping an eye on your fuel levels is highly encouraged. Replenishing fuel can be done by shooting fuel dumps, but if pilots find themselves with an empty gas tank, they’ll lose control of their craft and be unable to fire missiles.

Terra Bomber Overview

In Terra Bomber, you will pilot your craft across ten increasingly difficult terrains while avoiding the various gun positions, rockets and baddies with only one objective: to destroy the base and the end of the level! Use your guns and bombs which can be bolstered by collecting power ups, and maintain a sharp eye on your fuel levels, keeping them topped up by destroying the fuel dumps.

Terra Trilogy will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in July 2021.

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