Tennis World Tour Was Only 20 Percent Complete Before Release

Tennis World Tour Roger Federer Screenshot

Bigben has announced that Tennis World Tour has suffered another delay on Nintendo Switch, “to ensure that the game launches with all improvements and fixes needed on day one.”

Perhaps we can be thankful for that. Controversy has swirled around the game this past week when BigBen chairman and chief executive officer Alain Falc admitted to French newspaper Le Monde that it was “only 20 percent complete a few weeks before its release.”

Wanting to use the 2018 French Open as an opportune time to release it and attract consumer attention, he explains that they chose not to delay the game to avoid losing the benefit from marketing campaigns that they had already committed to.

What makes the situation far worse is that Falc openly boasts that they have “put 500,000 copies on the market but with many distributors who have no right of return, so we know that will be profitable.”

BigBen will now look to release an updated edition next year once the game is closer to completion, with plans for a new Tennis World Tour in 2020-2021.

The game’s substandard state was clear on release when the publisher acknowledged that it would be “disappointing” to many that the online multiplayer was unavailable, promising that more features would be released in two phases.

That will see online quick matches added first before a ranked online mode with global leaderboards, with a Doubles mode, Weekly Challenge mode, sliding animations on clay courts, additional outfits and accessories, audio improvements, and bug fixes planned “in the coming weeks and months.”

Tennis World Tour will release for Nintendo Switch in North America on June 12th, and in Europe on June 19th.

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