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Nindies Love You Sale Hits Nintendo eShop On February 11th

A group of Nindies – Nintendo’s affectionate term for independent developers on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS – have rallied together to start the ‘Nindies Love You’ sale. Uniti...

Tengami surpassed Nyamyam’s sales expectations on Wii U

Nyamyam held a post-mortem for their atmospheric point-and-click adventure game Tengami at this year’s Develop conference in Brighton. Within, the independent developer shared that 90 percent of...

Tengami Review

Serene and entirely at peace with itself, Tengami is unlike anything else that you will have played throughout the year. Taking place within the pages of a Japanese pop-up book, developer Nyamyam prop...

7 Good

Tengami enchants in launch trailer

It isn’t every day that you discover a game entirely set within the picturesque world of a Japanese pop-up book, but today’s such day. Nyamyam Games’ wondrously animated Tengami make...


Nyamyam’s Tengami continues to look picturesque in latest trailer

We’ve been spellbound by the world of Nyamyam’s Tengami since it was first announced. Players will explore a pop-up book world inspired by traditional Japanese arts and crafts. Set in a Ja...

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